November 2023 


The orchestra’s next meeting will be held on Monday Nov. 6th at 7pm. Note that the start time of the orchestra’s meetings has been changed. From now on the meetings will start a half hour earlier at 7pm.


Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,

I am pleased to announce that MPRO has created two new positions

designed to further assist the orchestra’s membership. These are two

Member Service Officers in charge of music for MPRO meetings and

concerts and one Officer in charge of coordinating carpools for those

members needing transportation to and from the orchestra’s meetings,

concerts and workshops. Please see, “Introducing MPRO’s Member Service Officers,” in this issue of Upbeat for further information. I am also pleased to announce that Participating Members, Rachel Bergeron and Michelle Futornick, will be covering the keyboard parts for the orchestra this season.

Irene Beardsley, who has been playing keyboard with the orchestra for the past eight regular seasons, has decided not to return to MPRO, and I am sure we all appreciate her invaluable contribution to the sound of the orchestra and the quality of its performances. I believe MPRO is fortunate to have two of its talented members agree to step up and take over this essential role in the makeup of the orchestra, and I want to thank Rachel and Michelle for doing so.

Listed below is the music for the next three meetings of the orchestra.

Please note that sopranino and contrabass recorders as well as bassoon will be needed at all three meetings and that krummhorns are called for on November 6. Please note that all meetings from now on will start at 7:00 P.M. I will be away for the meeting on November 20, and Greta-Haug Hryciw will be directing the orchestra. I want to thank Greta for agreeing to take my place that evening. I am sure everyone will enjoy working with her. As a reminder, for those who are located too far to attend on these dates in person, I am please to announce that the meetings will also be streamed via Zoom. Ray White will be sending out invitations to all MPRO members with links to these hybrid Zoom meetings. Please contact him at <rayhwhite@yahoo.com> if you do not receive an invitation.

November 6

Meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.

Mesomedes: Hymn to the Sun

Mozart: Ave Verum

Susato: Pavane Bittre Reue

Schein: Suite No. 15

November 20

Meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.

Greta Haug-Hryciw, Director

Josquin: Mille regretz

Grieg: The Last Spring

Dufay: Quel fronte signorille

Corelli: Sonata Op. 4

December 4

Meeting starts at 7:00 P.M.

Mesomedes: Hymn to the Sun

Schein: Suite No. 15

Mozart: Ave Verum

Corelli: Sonata Op. 4

I look forward to working on this music with you and encourage

everyone to let any of your friends who play early instruments know about the orchestra’s activities this season and invite them to attend our upcoming



Fred Palmer

page2image65639712.png page2image65646160.png page2image65643664.png page2image65646992.png page2image65647200.png page2image65647408.jpg

Introducing MPRO’s Member Service Officers

Music Librarians: These two people will have copies of the music used in the meetings and concerts for use by anyone who needs a copy.

        Michelle Futornick                                Tom GranvoldMichelle Futornick IMG_8731.jpgTom Granvold.jpeg

Transportation Coordinator: Helps connect people who need a ride to MPRO meetings with those who can give the ride.

                                Irwin SeltzerIMG_0759.jpeg

Introducing the MPRO Board

President: Kathrin Hoffnagle

Treasurers: Co-treasurers pays bills and deposits income, keeps financial records

                 for the orchestra, and files IRS reports.

                Chantal Moser                        Mary Ashleyimage0.jpegChantal Moser.jpg

Membership: Processes membership applications and turns funds over to the

                      Treasurer; supplies an annual membership list of all members as part

                      of the newsletter; manages egroup lists for newsletter and publicity

                      mailings; and maintains up-to-date mailing lists. In addition, assists

                      in website management and adds newsletters to website archive.

                Chris Flakeunnamed.jpg

Publicity: vacant

Graphics: Graphics designer generates posters and flyers to promote concerts,

               workshops, programs and flyers for the orchestra.

                Mary Ashleyimage0.jpeg

Newsletter Editor: Edits and distributes the MPRO newsletter.

                Tom GranvoldTom Granvold.jpeg

Virtual Meeting Host: Ray White

Workshop Coordinator: vacant

Hospitality: vacant

Music Sales: Laura Gonsalves

Webmaster: Dan Chernikoff

Music Director: Fred Palmer

MPRO website: http://www.mpro-online.org 

Past Months' Issues: https://www.mpro-online.org/MPROArchives.htm