MAY 2021


Celebrate with this performance of the madrigal: 16th CENTURY QUINTET plays Thomas Morley - Now is the Month of Maying on crumhorns.


MPRO’s next online rehearsal using Zoom will be held on Wednesday, May 12. See Fred Palmer’s column in this issue for detailed information.

The San Francisco Early Music Society has scheduled a variety of virtual classes and workshops from May through July, and three additional online concerts. The Saturday, May 15 concert by San Francisco ensemble Beneath a Tree will feature music ranging from Telemann to traditional Scottish pieces. See the menus at the top of this page for more information: Summer 2021 Virtual Extravaganza – San Francisco Early Music Society.

The Bay Area ensemble Voices of Music is posting free online videos from past concerts, with a new video every week.  A playlist is available through the menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the upper right corner of this page:

Voices of Music Videos.

Amherst Early Music is offering virtual classes in May and a Memorial Day weekend workshop.  See:



Dear members of the Mid-Peninsula Recorder Orchestra,

        Ray White and I will be co-hosting a virtual MPRO meeting via Zoom on Wednesday, May 12, at 7:30 P.M.  Those attending will be admitted to the meeting starting at 7:15 P.M.  We will be working on the following music:

Croft:  Voluntary

Dufay:  Iste Confessor

Rheinberger:  Abendlied

Haussmann:  Polnischer Tanz LXIIII and LXVIII

Anonymous:  Hora and Di Mezinke Oysgegebn

 I have sent PDF files of this music to all MPRO members.  Please remember that I will be conducting each of the selections scheduled.  This means that the music will not appear on the screen, and those attending will need to read from hard copies they have downloaded when playing along with the sound files.  I have also included instructions on how to log into and participate in a Zoom meeting that the orchestra’s Assistant Director, Greta Haug-Hryciw, has generated for those taking part in the virtual meetings that she directs.  Finally, Ray White has sent out invitations to all MPRO members with a link to the virtual Zoom meeting and other information.  Please contact him at <> if you do not receive an invitation.

Again, best wishes and I look forward to seeing those that will be attending the meeting on May 12.  - Sincerely, Fred Palmer


The Santa Cruz Baroque Festival has made free online videos of seven past concerts available  at: Broadcasts.

The British Columbia Recorder Society will hold a May 22 workshop on playing by ear. The link is:

The Whitewater Early Music Festival has scheduled a workshop on June 5 and 6,

with choices among concurrent sessions. For more information, see: Whitewater Early Music Festival.

The all virtual Boston Early Music Festival, including free “fringe” events, will be held from June 6 through June 13.  See: 2021 FESTIVAL.


The following are links to recordings of some of the pieces most recently emailed to MPRO members:

Croft- Voluntary:  Croft - Voluntary in D major

Dufay- Iste Confessor:

Rheinberger- Abendlied:   Rheinberger - Abendlied - The Cambridge Singers

Anonymous-Di Mezinke Oysgegebn: Di mezinke oysgegebn - Theodore Bikel די מעזינקע אויסגעגעבן - טעאָדאָר ביקל

The following link summarizes the history and possible origin of the dance: The Mizinke Dance: Tradition, Folklore or Other?

A YouTube search for the two Haussmann dances by the numbers in the titles does not give any obvious results, but a search for the composer and “tanz” or “dance” leads to recordings of other pieces.  These should illustrate the potential for the Haussmann dances as recorder-krummhorn pieces when MPRO returns to in-person meetings!


Recent issues of Upbeat have included links to progress reports from an ongoing University of Colorado study of aerosol production during vocal and instrumental music performances. Aerosol measurements are used to model the potential for transmission of the COVID19 virus.The latest progress report includes videos summarizing mitigation strategies for different types of instruments, and a link to a scientific paper. See:  NFHS and the International Performing Arts Aerosol Study, and scroll down for the video on wind instruments.

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