MPRO Members Information Page

This page contains information of specific interest to MPRO members only. If you are a visitor, feel free to browse but please do not touch the merchandise!

NEW: See bottom of page for new Instrument Lending Library program for Participating Members!

MPRO Membership Types and Dues

The MPRO membership types, with corresponding yearly dues, are as follows:

MPRO Documents of Record

The following are documents pertaining to the operation of the MPRO Organization:

MPRO Email Lists

MPRO uses GoogleGroups archived email lists to distribute concert and workshop information pertaining to recorders and early music. There are currently 3 lists:

How would I use it?

Do you need to arrange a carpool to rehersals or the next MPRO concert? Do you want to ask someone what the heck Fred meant by "te dl dee dl" at the last rehersal? Well, the email list is the place to ask and answer these kinds of things.

How to Join mpro-members Email List

To join the mpro-members email lists, simply enter your email in the registration form to the MPRO. The MPRO Membership board member is also the email list moderator and will add you to the corresponding MPRO Email List (if you choose to join MPRO as a participating or associate member, then you will be added to the mpro-members egroup as well). You should receive an email message once you have been added to the emai list. The MPRO-members email list membership is a benefit of paid associate or participating membership in the MPRO take advantage of it!

Go to to find out more about GoogleGroups

MPRO-Interest Email List

The email list has been set up for online email distribution of general publicity items such as concerts and workshops. This list is for those interested in MPRO and other local recorder events. The list is moderated by Christopher Flake so only approved emails are distributed - thus reducing duplication and stopping spam. Anyone in the group may post emails to the list, but only publicity items of interest to MPRO and our audience will be allowed.

Your email is kept private to all unless you submit an email for distribution.

Attention non-MPRO members with Publicity Announcements : This is the email list that you should send your concert, workshop, and other recorder-related announcements to. As long as it is deemed appropriate and of general interest to MPRO members, the moderator will approve your email and it will be distributed to MPRO members. Simply send your announcement to and it will be passed on to the MPRO membership by the group moderator.

MPRO Instrument Lending Library

The MPRO has received donations of instruments (recorders and other early music instruments) over the years, and we occasionally purchase specialty instruments for use by the orchestra members in concerts. These instruments are available for MPRO Participating Members to borrow. The complete list of instruments can be found here:

MPRO Instruments for Loan

And anyone borrowing an instrument is accepting the obligations to:

  • take care of the instrument as if it was your own, keeping it safe and undamaged
  • return the instrument if you decide to leave the orchestra or if requested by the Director or MPRO Board
  • return the instrument at the end of the season (term of loan is one season).
  • If you are a registered Participating Member of MPRO and would like to borrow an instrument, please contact the Webmaster via email or at an MPRO rehearsal and give him the ID number of the instrument(s) you are interested in. Instruments borrowed may be "recalled" if the orchestra has need of a particular instrument in a concert.

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