MPRO Media Page

Click on the UTube links below to see video recordings of MPRO at some of our recent concerts.
Note: Videos are hosted on UTube which might put up an advertisement - just hit play then the SKIP button.

Veterans Center Spring Showcase Concert, March 21 2024

MPRO's Holiday Concert, December 2019

MPRO - Kandel's Der Shtiler Bulgar, December 2008

MPRO/East Bay Singers - Krasinski's Pastor gregis egregius, December 2008

MPRO - Bach's Rejouissance, December 2009

MPRO - Praetorius' Passameze, December 2009

MPRO - Boyce's Symphony No.5, December 2009

CDJ Trio - Handel Concerto, December 2010

MPRO - Haydn's Feld-Parthie, December 2010